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Liquid, 100% Organic, Microbial Bio-fertilizer

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100% Organic, Liquid Bio-Fertilizer

What is Bio-Fertilizer

Bio-fertilizer is a 100% natural and organic fertilizer that helps to provide all the nutrients
and micro-organisms required for the benefits of the plants...+ Read More

Salad greenhouse's grassroots Agriculture and Technology Initiatives program organizes training workshops to encourage the youth to be fully engaged in agriculture and technology in Nigeria...+ Read More

Who we are

Salad Greenhouse Nigeria comprises of a group of highly experience business professionals, technology and agricultural experts..+ Read More

What we do

Salad Greenhouse providing products, services and equipment in the Agricultural, oil and Gas and technology sectors including,..+ Read More

Soil Treatment

Using our Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant fertilizers to replace chemical Farming is quickly creating the Path to Phasing out Chemical Agric..+ Read More

Power Generation

Our Proprietary Biomass Generator developed in Canada, reuses waste to produce electricity for our greenhouses.. + Read More


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About Us

Salad Greenhouse Worldwide Ltd. is a privately owned company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria and the Canadian Revenue Agency with a goal to providing farm products, services and equipment in the Agricultural and technology sectors including haulage logistics solution, fertilizers, mechanized farming equipment, import and export of cash crops, agricultural work force suppliers and consultancy services.

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